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This registration is for MEN only in the Fall 2023 Family Draft. Draft date is September 1-3 in Holly Springs, NC at Womble Park Athletic Fields.


The cost of registration is $125. This holds your position in the draft and you will receive 1 jersey from the tent upon arrival.


Full payment is due upon registration.

Late Entry Outfield - Men's Fall 2023 Registration

  • Refund Policy:

    If you are unable to attend the draft and must back out of your registration before June 2nd, you will receive a refund of $200.

    If you drop between June 3rd & July 28th, you will receive a refund of $125.

    If you drop after July 28th, no refund will be given.

  • This draft we will have positions posted a little bit different than usual in order to better ensure teams get all of the players they need on the field. In the past we have done IF and OF but we will be getting more specific. Please read information about the positions that will be available below -

    • Pitcher - This position is for pitching only and you are not able to play the field.

    • Pitcher & Field - You can pitch if needed but also play an IF or OF position (not just catcher)

    • IF or OF (Utility) - You can play both and are willing to go where your team needs you.

    • IF will be broken up into two positions - 2nd and SS/3rd. Please pick your strongest position. If you sign up for SS/3rd... that means you are willing to play either spot.

    • OF - You are willing to play any position in the OF.

    • Catcher - Well.... you only want to catch.

    • 1st - Only 1st Base

    We ALWAYS have drops before the draft. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT pick a position just because it's available but you can not play. Pick your position where you help your team the most or sign up on the waitlist until that spot opens up. We will NOT allow people to shift positions after you have signed up.

    We will not ask for your apparel information upon sign up. We will gather that information after teams have been assembled via google docs.

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