September 29-October 2, 2022
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What is a Unicorn Family Draft Tournament?

This tournament is a place where Unicorn Sports supporters from all over the country and world can sign up and play with a chance to compete for prizes regardless of sanction, ability, age (18+), or sex.  It is our goal to make this the most fun tournament you will play all year. We will have food, lawn games, a home Run Derby and many other surprises. Thank you for considering joining our softball family! 

You'll have no idea how good your team is, or how good the the other teams are. No team is the "Favorite", because every team is an unknown. Everyone has a chance to win and with 8 places receiving prizes, not only do you get almost your value in gear just by signing up, but you'll have a great chance at winning a prize!


Come ready to have a blast playing softball and enjoy the beautiful Raleigh, NC!


2022 Unicorn Family

Draft Itinerary


Information coming soon...


Information coming soon...

Prize Package

What's included when you sign up

for the Unicorn Family Draft?

  • 2 full dye exclusive never re-made short sleeve jerseys

  • 2 full dye shorts (men) OR 1 pair of leggings (women)

  • 1 long sleeve thin UPF hoodie

  • Each team will receive 6 softballs, if more are needed they will be available for purchase

  • More information to come!

What's Included

Registered Players